Florida Midget Racing Association
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Club History

            CLUB HISTORY
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The Club is trying to gather up the history of  Florida TQ Midget Racing.  Special thanks goes out to Ann Gimmler for providing much of the early history  that we now have. If any current or past members can help us fill in the blanks, please email the Club at:  floridatqmidgets@gmail.com

Here is what we have so far:

John Petrozelle Sr. was  instrumental in starting the Club in the mid 80's. We are  not sure of the exact year. Originally it was known as the Orange Blossom Three Quarter Midget Racing Association. In 1989 the name was changed to Florida Midget Racing Association (FMRA).  While our non profit corporation still goes by that name around 2005 we became known as the Florida Midget Auto Racing Association (FMARA). In 2014 the Club reverted back to being known as the Florida Midget Racing Association  (FMRA).

Here are the Past Champions of the FMRA that we know as of now:

1987    John Petrozelle Jr.

1988    John Evers

1989    Mark Gimmler

1990    Paul Madden

1991    Ernie Teed Jr.    



1994    Mark Gimmler

1995    Gary Gimmler

1996    Nick Burt

1997    Mark Gimmler

1998    Mark Gimmler

1999    Steve Wheeler

2000    Mark Gimmler

2001    Jack Duffy

2002    Brandon Cagle

2003    Jack Duffy

2004    Brandon Cagle

2005    Jack Duffy

2006    Ernie Teed Jr.

2007    Ernie Teed Jr.

2008    Jack Duffy

2009    Jack Duffy

2010    Ted Durfee

2011    Mike Belusar

2012    Rob Kohler

2013    Mike Belusar

2014    Mike Belusar

2015    Rob Kohler

2016    Jimmy Wilkins lll

2017    Jamie Barnum