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Next race: The north / south 3 race shoot out is on! Bronson 2/19 + Showtime 2/22 + 2/25 !

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Race results Auburndale Speedway: 12/10/16

Joey Coulter Charity Race

TQ Midgets official finish * non points race
Feature only
1)63 Rob Kohler
2)11 Jimmy Wilkins
3)4 Albert Seitz
4)13 Mike Nelson
5)58 Stuart Chamberlain

Next race: 
The North/South Shootout Race is on!
Indiana Racers vs Florida Racers!
3 Race Pavement Series 
•Bronson Speedway, February 19th Sunday
•Showtime Speedway, February 22nd Wednesday
•Showtime Speedway, February 25th Saturday *Championship Night
Stay tuned for more information.

Congratulations to Jimmy Wilkins on winning the 2016 FMRA Driver + Owner points championship!

Thank you to our series sponsor "Q" Attorneys!

Official points totals for 2016:
Driver points:

1.Wilkins 893
2.Chamberlain  708
3.Nelson 547
4.Belusar 489
5.Kohler 484
6.Teed 271
7.Mancuso 252
Haddad 168
9.Roboski 166

Owner points:
1.Wilkins 893
2.Chamberlain 708
3.McKinney 585
4.Nelson 447
5.Barnum 388
6.Tracey 271
7.Mancuso 252
8.Haddad 168
9.Roboski 166

The FMRA 2017 Racing Season:

All car owners are to call the FMRA President Mike Nelson with your plans for the 2017 Racing Season. Your feedback is important, this will help with the planning of the amount of races we will have based off the amount of participation from the car owners. 

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. 

FMRA President ,Mike Nelson 813-465-8335

Tire Supply change:
American Racing Tire Co. has changed distribution in the SE.
Our new tire distributer contact information is:
American Racing Tires South
601  Lake Way Place
Tullahoma, TN
828-360-5353 or TF 844-768-8427

FMRA mid-season rules changes:

1).Change approved vote 10 yes / 0 no, effective date if 1st race 2017.

  • Four cycle, dual overhead cam, four valve per cylinder fuel-injected, 750cc maximum. All parts must be factory stocked and be matching U.S. make and model. No cam changes allowed. No changes in brain box allowed. .015 clean-up allowed on heads. Non-performance changes. Oil pan, header and air box changes allowed. Clutches and shifters are permitted but no shifting allowed during races. All engines must be 2007 or earlier. Blowers, rotary engines and turbo engines are PROHIBITED. For 2014, 600cc engines may be run but only in their stock form as they came out of bike with no power commanders and must run on pump gas only. All other rules including engine age must be same a 750cc.

*Change to: All engines must be 5 years and older. (example motors must be 2011 or earlier)

2). Change approved vote 7 yes / 3 no ,effective next race

·        Weight shall be a minimum of 625 lbs. after the feature race. Maximum weight shall be 800 lbs. with normal amounts of fluids and without the driver.

*Change to:

·        Weight of car and driver shall be a minimum of 800 lbs. after the feature race with normal amounts of fluids.

All cars will need to run racing receivers with a effective date of next race. (this is coming from DSS as a track rule) 
This is a one-way radio system that the track tower can let a driver know of yellow flags and lining up for restarts ect.. DSS + Showtime are already using this system for regular classes and are asking us to do the same. Mike N. has talked to the RaceCeiver Co. and they will cut us a deal for the club.

Purchasing info:
Racercar Engineering
Scott McAllister
RaceCeiver kit $85.00 for FMRA members.
1/ RaceCeiver, ear buds, + clip for $85.00( reg 100-120)

FMRA is proud to have Q Auto & Injury as a series sponsor for 2016:

Q Auto & Injury Attorneys: Bradenton , FL
Toll Free 1-800-332-1992